• Written by MiddleEasy @MiddleEasy

Let's all learn how to deliver a soccer kick KO with Gianna Subba

Surely you could learn soccer kicks by hanging out with almost any person from Brazil, because Brazilians love soccer more than Kim Kardashian loves...nevermind let's always keep anything Kim Kardashain related away from But the soccer kicks you're going to learn from the average soccer fan, or even professional soccer player aren't the type that will knock a guy with a chin of titanium out cold into a slobbering mess on the ground. If you want to learn that kind of soccer kick, and we know you do because most of you are mini UFC frate tranes in the making stuck in the bodies of internet keyboard warriors. As always we are here to help. Today we are doing so by presenting you with this super awesome soccer kick KO instructional video from the badasses over at Phuket Top Team and OneFC's Gianna Subba so that you can finally unleash that inner frate trane you all have inside of you. Enjoy!


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