• Written by MiddleEasy @MiddleEasy

This animation of the Diaz Brothers shopping for a house is already nominated for next year’s MiddleEasy Awards

Winning an annual MiddleEasy award is a much more democratic process than electing the next American President. In fact, none of us will ever understand that process in its entirety. In theory, if every man, woman, and eligible teenager in a particular state votes for one candidate, that state’s electoral college votes could still potentially go to the other candidate. It makes no sense! We don’t play that game at MiddleEasy – your votes for your favorite moments of 2012 don’t pass through an electoral college system. Jason, Cat, Zeus and I don’t manipulate the results – you have the power to select your favorites in an outright vote and the final results are the law-of-the-land for the next 365 days. Following that controversy-free process, you selected Prebek as the best MMA video blogger of the year and here is his first offering to you in 2013.



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