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Esther Lin is here to share her favorite photos from UFC 155

If it were up to me, this entire article would be an ode to Dear Esther, one of the most thought-provoking artistic experiences of 2012.  Unfortunately, it may be too niche even for MiddleEasy, so I will leave you with the official soundtrack to guide us in this paper boat, with us as creases folded in time (quote from Dear Esther, seriously, look into it). Esther Lin is unparalleled in the world of MMA photography, each shot of hers becomes an everlasting piece of art in itself. Esther is able to capture emotions and subtleties in a performance or reaction from a fighter on a nightly basis that many would take years to perfect. Like a spirit, Esther is somehow everywhere all at once, all for our viewing benefit. It's like the camera is an extension of Esther herself.

With UFC 155 just about a week old, Esther and MMAFighting meticulously considered her thousands of shots from the final UFC show of 2012 and created a video replay of her favorites, with commentary. Take some time out of your day and let Esther take you on a journey of pain, glory, anger, relief and beauty.

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