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Watch Chris Leben discuss how frustrated he was during his recent fight with Derek Brunson

Once upon a time in the Las Vegas Fight Shop a man with hair the color of a prison jumpsuit sat down amongst a bustling noisy shop full of fight fans to answer a few interview questions with LayzieTheSavage. That man goes by the name 'The Crippler'. Legend has it that once 'The Crippler' started talking the entire shop went silent and everyone gathered around to hear the the man with a neatly coifed mane of fire upon his head tell tales of frustration, fighting and growth as a human being. The Crippler talked of his frustration with an opponent he went to war with earlier that day named Derek Brunson. He talked about luring his opponent in to hit him in order to please the crowd that paid to watch the battle between the two modern day gladiators. When 'The Crippler' was done telling his tales it is said that the shop full of people applauded with fervor and admiration. Although we weren't there to hear The Crippler's battle account in person, we do have this fantastic video from FightHubTV and LayzieTheSavage to watch as though we too were there in the  glorious moment. Enjoy.


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