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If there was an Irish Diaz brother who occasionally threw capoeira kicks, he'd be Conor McGregor

It took me more than a few minutes to figure out what the Irish equivalent to 'Don't be scared, homie' would be, and although I had a few options, 'mucker' seemed to be the closest thing Ireland has to 'homie.' The explanation I saw behind the etymology behind mucker was that a mucker is someone you muck around with. A friend, a pal, a... Homie. So that's what I've learned today, hopefully you guys got something out of that too. Call somebody a mucker today and give them a hug. But only if they are your mucker and I'm actually correct that mucker is slang for friend. Yeah.

If the Diaz bros had an Irish brother who was 12-2 with every single one of his wins coming via a stoppage and featured a touch of capoeira in his game for spice, it would be Cage Warrior lightweight champion Conor McGregor. This dude has it. Watch his latest win from this last weekend.

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