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Melvin Manhoef pulled off the fastest knee we've ever seen at DREAM 18

Manhoef pulled off the fastest knee we've ever seen at DREAM 18

If you see a dude with his neck attached to a chain dancing around like he just found a twenty-dollar bill in his pocket, run the other way. Seriously, just run the other way. Melvin Manhoef has a 96% KO ratio and he rocks a skirt. Maybe I should flip that around. Melvin Manhoef rocks a skirt because he has a 96% KO ratio. You’re not going to make fun of a guy that has the force to punch a hole through time and space. There's no doubt you've seen Melvin Manhoef send some guy's head hurdling into the 4th row. Last night/morning at DREAM 18, Manhoef decided that he was getting tired of decapitating individuals and wanted to shotgun a hole through Dennis Kang's entrails instead.

Actually, some trolls called Manhoef's remarkable KO an early stoppage. I call it 'memory loss prevention.' Manhoef hovered over Kang's near lifeless body, ready to explode an array of freshly imported hooks and uppercuts he stored from Amsterdam but instead, he just backed up and the ref jumped in and stopped the fight. Check out the clip from DREAM 18 below and props to Manhoef on an impressive performance.

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