• Written by MiddleEasy @MiddleEasy

Blast to the Past | Chris Leben and Mike Swick fight for the WEC middleweight title

Remember in the original Ultimate Fighter when Chris Leben held that KO win above Mike Swick's head like that priest monkey holding up Simba in Lion King? Yeah, we do too. Now we can finally share it with everyone because Pro Ice on the UG found the rare fight and uploaded it on Youtube for us to watch in honor of Chris Leben's return to the cage tonight at UFC 155. Watch a 6-0 and nearly tattoo-less Cat Smasher take on a 5-0 Mike Swick for the inaugural WEC middleweight championship at WEC 9, taking place almost nine years ago on January 16th 2004. It's a damn good fight featuring some serious foot stomping action and a precursor to Zombie Leben.

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