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Wanderlei Silva reminisces about Pride and talks about his fight against Brian Stann in Saitama

If you ask the right kind of fan (Gary LaPlante) about Wanderlei Silva's UFC run, you'll usually get a long-winded response mixed in with some salty tears and a hopeful outlook on the setting sun that is Wand's fight career. You'll also hear a fascinating argument stating that with Pride rules, Wand would more than likely be 6-2 in his trips to the Octagon. We don't completely disagree, but Wand was also 20-5-1-1 in Japan, so maybe Saitama holds some sort of magical power that gets the Axe Murderer ready to knee some dudes in the noggin like days of old.

We won't know if the Japanese energy will affect Wand until March 3rd, when he takes on Brian Stann at light heavyweight at UFC on Fuel TV 8. In the meantime, sit down and listen to Wanderlei reminisce about Pride and talk Brian Stann in the first of what looks to be his many upcoming fight diaries.


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