• Written by MiddleEasy @MiddleEasy

Bas Rutten is here to explain why you turn your hips when you kick.

So far, no apocalypse to report. It looks like living life above ground can once again come to the forefront of our minds. Now is the time to step off your porch, squat, grab some soil with your hand and let it trickle between your fingers. You've always wanted to create a baseball diamond in your cornfield. Go ahead, do it. Nothing is stopping you from playing host to Ray Liotta anymore. Life. It's here and it's sweetly delicious, and it turns out the sweetness won't kill you (yet).

Perhaps you're in your underground bunker right now, generators running with a can of baked beans sizzling on your hotplate. It's cool, there are a few hours left in the Mayan apocalypse, better to be safe than sorry. But while you stay huddled on your cot, surrounded by cement, face illuminated by your laptop screen and gas lantern - know that Bas Rutten is out there, making YouTube videos about the appropriate way to kick that could be summed up with a Happy Gilmore quote.

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