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Oh no, the youth of Brazil are being trained to master the groin shot

Oh no, the youth of Brazilian are being trained to master the groin shot

The UFC may have been founded in America, but it was a Brazilian by the name of Royce Gracie who flipped the script on mixed martial arts; proving that JiuJitsu was an essential part of any fighters’ arsenal to be successful against striking specialists. Today, Brazil continues to furnish the sport of MMA with fresh talent from various disciplines, all of whom are seeking to prove that their style of combat is superior. It may be 2012 and fighters may have evolved into well-rounded athletes, but we’re still in no position to suggest that one style of training is better or worse than another. Perhaps this kid is doing it right, and the rest of us are misinformed. Or maybe the future will reintroduce groin shots and punches to the bottom of the spine in MMA. All we know is that this kid is out there, and we want nothing to do with his skill set.

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