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Dustin Poirier and Jonathan Brookins just gave us one of the wildest rounds of the year

Congratulations Dustin Poirier and Jonathan Brookins. You two just won the Diego Sanchez/Clay Guida crazy round of the year award. your gift baskets filled with various cheeses and designer soaps are being ordered and sent to the appropriate locations by MiddleEasy interns as I type this. You deserve every morsel of the goodness. Tonight, these two gentlemen stepped into the Octagon and decided that they would relentlessly throw bombs at every level with no regard for personal safety or respect for your opponent's skills. Zeus said it best: it was Street MMA inside the Octagon, and it was a hell of a back and forth fight.

I can't think of many better rounds in 2012. Poirier vs. Brookins had it all; a wild slugfest, moments of desperation and lion-like willpower. We will present you with a .gif of the action as soon as we find one. Turn on the TUF finale right now. You're missing a hell of a card even without Varner/Guillard.

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