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Dana White believes people 'say a bunch of stupid sh*t' about TUF' it was a homerun for FX

Dana White believes people 'say a bunch of stupid sh*t' about TUF. it was a homerun for FX

We're just a few hours away from a TUF 16 finale that was saved at the last minute through the valiant efforts of Matt Mitrione. Although I've only watched one episode of the American version of the show this year, I can absolutely vouch that TUF Smashes was undoubtedly the greatest season in the series history since TUF 10 with Kimbo Slice. However for brevity of all things MMA, I will watch this TUF finale eagerly anticipating the winners of a reality show that I practically never laid eyes on. It wasn't necessarily the quality of the show that deterred me, not at all. The thing about TUF is due to the lack of reruns on FX, if you miss one episode it's impossible to catch-up on the series. With TUF Smashes, ZUFFA released each episode after it aired on the internet, thus making it readily available for people that were unable to catch it on air. If only the American version adopted that same model then the world would be able to view the series in its entirety.

Granted, that's my solution coming from a guy that's never dipped into broadcast television...yet. According to Dana White, the TUF series is absolutely fine and people tend to say 'a bunch of stupid sh*t' regarding the show.

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