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Watch Hector Lombard's TKO win over Paul Harris forever looped in this .gif

Watch Hector Lombard's TKO win over Paul Harris forever looped in this .gif

Someone once told me every 'coming of age' teen movie could abruptly come to an end if Hector Lombard demanded it. Following that logic, one can only come to the conclusion that Hector Lombard is a fan of movies like Almost Famous, The Outsiders and Stand By Me. Just imagine that -- Hector Lombard snuggled comfortably in the corner of his sofa while he has a box of Snackwell Devil's Food Cake cookies to fuel him through a weekend marathon of 'My So Called Life.' I'm sure Paul Harris can appreciate the dedication it takes to watch Claire Danes act in an overly dramatic high school setting, so that's probably why he signed the contract to fight Hector Lombard at tonight's TUF Smashes Finale.

The word 'stout' was invented for a night like tonight. Hector Lombard vs. Rousimar Paulhares -- the torque over 400 hydrogen bombs compressed in two individuals that are well under six-feet tall. It's a biological achievement that could only be rewarded in one person detonating energy on another person in an exuberant fashion. At 3:38 in the first round, we witnessed the result of this equation -- and now it has been forever immortalized in a perpetual .gif. Enjoy and props to Hector Lombard on his first UFC win.

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