• Written by LayzieTheSavage and Jason Nawara

Tim Kennedy is really upset that he wasn't number one on our zombie survival top ten list

We understand that there was a huge outcry in support of putting Brian Stann on The Top Ten Fighters We Would Team Up With During The Zombie Invasion, and there was an equally confounded Tim Kennedy asking us why he wasn't number one like he was telling some judges 'it's just a little blood.' As the author of the piece, here's my response: Tim, hopefully everyone does their jobs and all the zombies are eradicated within, say, ten years (taking into account that the zed's bodies would eventually rot away due to the elements), so what happens when all of the risen dead are gone? That's why women are so important and Ronda was number one. But, with that said, if the list was a top 50 or something there would be plenty of female fighters on there, such as Liz Carmouche, Tara La Rosa and of course Cris Cyborg. So in conclusion, we know you are training for the Trevor Smith fight, but you need to give us a new Cooking with Tim Recipe and after that we can work on expanding the Zombie Survival list with you and Brian Stann next Halloween, deal?

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