• Written by Bauzen

Mirko CroCop loves basketball, but only with modified MMA rules to make it more violent

Mirko CroCop has fought twice since his “Final Fight” in Croatia earlier this year and has at least one more post-retirement fight planned in K-1 before hanging up the gloves (again).  We’re not exactly sure if he ever truly plans on retiring in the conventional way other people retire – i.e. stop fighting.  We don’t really care if he does either.  If CroCop gets cut and decides to start live streaming his fights from a Croatian parking lot via iPhone PPV, we’ll gladly spend the $29.95 to support one of our life-long heroes.  Hopefully, it doesn’t come to that, but we have our debit cards ready in case it does.  In the meantime, since his kickboxing match with Catalin Morosanu has been postponed, he has taken up a new hobby that combines basketball and MMA, and here’s the first video of this amazing new Croatian pastime.


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