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It looks like Carlos Condit/Rory MacDonald II is going down

Rory MacDonald looks out the floor to ceiling windows of his high rise apartment somewhere in Canada. He wears a $6,300 suit (come on) and is contemplating Carlos' simple reply to his challenge made Saturday night. "I'm in" Carlos said, mere minutes after Rory delivered a beatdown first-class to BJ Penn Saturday night. Rory, looking out the window replies coldly "I knew you were, Carlos. I knew you would accept my challenge the moment I made it." Rory picks up a crystal tumbler off his imported Italian marble end table and sips a clear liquid. "I'm different now, Carlos. I was only 20-years-old the last time we met in the Octagon, and I have evolved." Rory then calmly walks over to the bookshelf across the room and pulls a Bret Easton Ellis novel from the second highest shelf, revealing a red button. Rory runs his fingers through his hair (it's perfect) and pushes the switch. With a soft hum the bookshelf slides away from the wall and a jetpack is brought into view. Without uttering a word, Rory MacDonald straps on the jetpack and speaks to no one and yet - everyone "I'll see you in Montreal, Carlos" then he flies away into the cold, Canadian night. Never blinking.

We can only wish Rory MacDonald goes down the James Bond villain path. I hope there's never a day when we look back and remember when Rory was the quiet, awkward guy. Indulge yourself Rory, you're marketable as hell right now.

So yeah, Carlos Condit is down for the Rory fight. We will even quote it for you.

I'm in.

Ariel Helwani broke this potential matchup on Fuel TV and it looks like UFC 158 in Montreal is the when and where. Now the ink needs to just get on the paper, but Rory really should sign in blood.


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