• Written by MiddleEasy @MiddleEasy

It's safe to say that Johny Hendricks is angry at GSP

After watching last night's edition of Inside MMA featuring a pretty ticked off Johny Hendricks, I've come to the conclusion that it's a really good thing Hendricks and GSP aren't working in some cubicle ridden corporate office building with a community coffee pot. Hendricks would be like the hardworking guy getting passed up for a promotion every few months simply because the bosses favorite nephew (GSP) gets all of the attention. GSP walks in late every day, saunters by ole Johny boy's desk without ever acknowledging him by name and asks if there's any coffee left. Johny works late and does all of the nephew's work left unfinished because nephew was out taking an extended golf lunch break with the boss or meeting one of the random skanky data entry chicks from the first floor out in the parking lot for a nooner.

All I can think is if this was that corporate office scenario, Hendricks would be contemplating grabbing GSP that mug of steaming hot coffee and making it his personal urinal before bringing it happily over to his desk. Hendricks is at that point where he is tired of being pushed aside and not given his shot at the title. He's won 9 of his 10 UFC fights only losing once back in 2010 to Rick Story via decision and feels GSP should be wanting to fight him and not Nick Diaz. [Source]

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