• Written by Zeus and LayzieTheSavage

Jon Jones talks about fighting (or not fighting) Anderson Silva

Jon Jones talks about fighting (or not fighting) Anderson Silva

Look at you guys, still under the impression that Anderson Silva will face Jon Jones. Tell me you're hungry. Tell me you're thirsty. Tell me you want to learn Japanese -- but please don't tell me you're that gullible to believe that Anderson Silva vs. Jon Jones will actually go down inside of an octagon in this timeline. Perhaps in some alternate universe in which the UFC is willing to give Silva a payday of a billion dollars, but in this timeline -- it's just not going to happen.

However this hasn't stopped the media from asking about the impossible-to-assemble match-up in media scrums. Fortunately this time MiddleEasy's LayzieTheSavage was there to film all of the questions (and answers) Jon Jones received and dished out shortly before UFC on FOX: Henderson vs. Diaz. Check it out below.

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