• Written by Bauzen

Take a look at this X-Ray of Raphael Assuncao’s broken arm following his fight on UFC on FOX

I broke my wrist when I was in fourth grade by falling off the monkey bars in my school gymnasium.  After the orthopedic surgeon was finished fixing my arm, I took so many painkillers that the only thing I remember from the next couple of days was a vision of the California Raisins dancing on my windowsill.  Once I sobered up, I realized that they weren’t California Raisins, just a beanie baby and a hackey sack sitting lifeless atop my bookshelf.  I’m not sure what Raphael Assuncao’s threshold for pain is, but I hope they give him the same painkillers I took.  Maybe he’ll get a private Macarena lesson from Peter Pan during his hallucination, and that’s an outstanding way to spend the next couple of days if you're forced to endure the misfortune of breaking your arm.  In the meantime, let’s check out the X-Ray image of the broken bones he tweeted after his fight.


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