• Written by MiddleEasy @MiddleEasy

It looks like the reason FOX cut away from the Diaz vs Henderson fight for a brief moment has been discovered

There's was a moment during the Diaz vs Henderson fight tonight that all of a sudden the FOX broadcast flipped to a picture of an glowing blue Octagon and empty arena. It was abrupt and odd and seemed like a momentary programming glitch and I wondered if LayzieTheSavage had accidentally tripped over the power source to the main cameras at the arena while he was in the press room backstage pacing back and forth nervously watching Nate Diaz fight Bendo. And then suddenly the broadcast was back and the fight was still going. It was one of those moments where every person in the room starts yelling at the television as though a criminal act just occurred. It was upsetting and weird enough to make someone out there in this world of uncomfortably curious and disturbed people ,ake it their mission to find out what really happened. It looks like this picture being circulated on Facebook might be the answer. It was merely a Nate Diaz midfight middle finger salute. Never would have guessed that.

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