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Aww, nothing says love like a little backstage love and respect between two UFC legends: Shogun Rua and BJ Penn

Imagine being someone that doesn't follow combat sports and looking at the banner pic of Shogun, Bendo, BJ, and Mike Swick. There's no way those big shiny happy smiling faces would conjure up images of the pummeling brutality and bloody violence that's about to go down in just a few short hours. Look at BJ Penn's face. Does that really look like the face of a dude that will beat your face in and then lick the blood from his hands in celebration of your defeat? No. You'd probably instead assume this was a group of bros hanging out at Chuck E Cheese watching their kids run around like a pack of wild hyenas. They look so kind and harmless. Luckily we are privy to their real identities and we are going to get to watch these nice guys turn into monstrous beasts tonight live on UFC on FOX. until then enjoy some more epic levels of bromance and respect between legends of the sport, BJ Penn and Shogun backstage at the press conference earlier this week. [Source]

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