• Written by MiddleEasy @MiddleEasy

My God you have to see this armbar survival from Bamma 11

Professor X's gruesome armbar survival sounds like an overpriced expansion pack to Borderlands 2, and it's a set of content that would probably never get released anyway since Professor X is owned by Marvel Comics. Either way, the description Professor X's brutal armbar survival is 100% accurate. Xavier Foupa-Pokam may be on a major losing skid (winning just 2 of his last 11) but this is one from Bamma 11 is for the books, highlight reels and .gif makers. Let's set this up with a little exposition.

Professor X was taken down early, armbarred gruesomely, breaks out of it and then gets taken down again. After a brief struggle, he gets his arm bent in even more awful positions and starts to look like a Ronda Rousey opponent. Could Ronda have finished this armbar? Could anyone have? Look at that dude punch the tendons... The craziest thing? Professor X came back to win the split decision when all was said and done. There is no confirmation of the use of mutant psychic abilities.


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