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Psychologist says MMA could be used to heal PTSD in military vets

Psychologist says MMA could be used to heal PTSD in military vets

Whenever we discuss post-traumatic stress disorder with military vets on MiddleEasy, it's hard to insert some whimsical story that's irrelevant to the topic. It's impossible to be funny when the military is involved -- the last thing we need to do is offend people that shoot guns for a living. However, just imagine the level of PTSD medieval knights had back in the day. I mean every time they had dinner and used a knife or dropped a kitchen utensil, they probably had an episode. It's also important to note that nine out of ten veterans prefer Battlefield 3 over Call of Duty for their military simulations. Just ask Tim Kennedy.

Now that you've probably skipped the first paragraph to get to this 'content filled' second paragraph, we fooled you. This second paragraph is more incoherent rantings. Look at that, we tricked you again. Basically we own your perception of reality at this point. Little did you know the 'real' stuff is in the third paragraph -- or is it?

CNN affiliate KTVK created a segment on how military veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder are using MMA as therapy. You hear that New York? Now legalize it -- while you're at it, legalize the other stuff too. Check out the clip below.


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