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Watch this impressive Joe Lauzon mini documentary

Back in 1989 (quite possibly eons before some of you were born) if you had a problem Vanilla Ice claimed he could solve it. All you had to do was stop, collaborate and listen and he would take care of the rest. I'm pretty sure he was questioning his mad problem solving skills when Suge Knight (allegedly) was dangling him by the ankles from a 20th floor balcony. He probably could have a used a real live ass kicking problem solver like Joe Lauzon in that situation. I'm certain Joe Lauzon has the problem solving skills to make sure he doesn't end up hanging from a 20th story balcony begging for his life. LayzieTheSavage knew Joe Lauzon was 'not your average Joe' way back in 2009. The rest of us knew too. Our MiddleEasy list of people we would call if we ever had 99 problems like Jay-Z includes MacGuyver, Barney Stinson, Dr. Oz, and yes J-Lau. Joe Lauzon is a guy with a mathematical gamer brain and the physical prowess and skills to submit or KO his opponent in ways that make us as fans flip out with excitement.If you need any more evidence on Joe Lauzon's problem solving abilities, take note that 10 of his 13 UFC fights have won either submission, KO or fight of the night bonus checks and then check out this gritty and amazing Fightland created mini documentary called Joe Lauzon: The Problem Solver.

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