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It's time to contemplate the weight loss techniques of professional fighters, watch the UFC on FOX weigh ins here!

It's that time again. Time to watch highly-trained martial artists strip down to their skivvies and hop on a scale so we can judge their weight loss techniques. If fighting in a cage is the main course, consider the weigh ins a delicious appetizer of what's to come. We're sorry to use a food analogy, dudes who are weighing in. That was irresponsible and lacked sensitivity.

Whenever a Diaz and BJ Penn are about to step on the scale, you can be sure to expect electricity coupled with dehydration, so it's gonna be good. The UFC on FOX 5 card begins it's weigh in process at 7 EST, 4 PST. So click on the video box below to make your day complete! Yeah!

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