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Whoa! Yushin Okami broke into Chael's Mom's house and she almost blew him away with a shotgun!

Some of you remember that before Chael Sonnen started beefing with Anderson Silva, he was already beefing with Paulo Filho. Back in the WEC, Paulo was the cut-off flannel adorned middleweight champion and Chael was the man looking to take his belt. Their first fight ended via ‘controversial’ submission, and their second effectively ended Paulo’s career after the champion missed weight and refused to fight back during their rematch. He later surrendered the WEC belt to Chael Sonnen and left the organization, only to continue in a downward spiral of unfortunate shortcomings. Well, Paulo isn’t in this video (he’s somewhere in Brazil, fishing) but Jon Jones is. Bones wanted to rehash those memories in a casual discussion about verbal submissions. Additionally, no video of Chael Sonnen is complete without Anderson Silva. Maybe that’s why today’s edition of Dana White’s video blog has a cameo of Ando making his fight picks, shortly after Chael tells the story of Yushin Okami breaking into his mom’s house as she aimed a loaded shotgun at her bedroom door moments from blowing his head off. It’s 100% true… Chael said so himself.

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