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Win HUNDREDS of dollars worth of Topps Bloodlines cards just for freaking out over your favorite fighter at UFC on FOX

The one-two combination of Topps and MiddleEasy has brought nothing but joy, hilarity and happiness to everyone involved. Seriously, it's like we planted a box of Topps cards on top of a backlit hill and from it a tree of rawesome has grown to near Stefan Struve heights, bearing sh*t-tons of amazing fruit from you guys: the community. Now it's time to do it again.

This week Topps released Bloodlines, the latest in a long line of collectibles from Topps that are pushing the way we think about trading cards. Specifically, Bloodlines celebrates the path the fighter has taken throughout their career, and the deluxe cards embrace the fighter's roots like they want to choke them out. The roots, not the fighter's career or the fighter specifically.

These are some seriously swanky cards. Coming in at $20 a pack, Topps has been so gracious as to give MiddleEasy a box of ten. Naturally, we want to give it to you guys. That's $200 bucks worth of guaranteed fighter signatures, cool cards and instant memorabilia-acquiring satisfaction that only few can describe.

Remember this guy? We want to fuel your habit.

Here's the deal: this weekend UFC on FOX 5 is hosting one of the best main cards in recent memory and There's drama all over the place: Rory/BJ, Shogun Vs. Gustaffson and of course Nate Diaz trying to be the first man to take UFC gold back to the 209. We want you guys to embody these bloodlines like the Topps cards themselves and put on your RVCA 'Just Scrap' shirts for BJ, your tweed jackets for Rory, wave your Brazilian flag and if you're Gary LaPlante, slip comfortably into your vale tudo shorts and then record yourselves watching the fights. We love reaction videos so ****ing much it's ridiculous, and this is your call to action. Represent like a G, and you'll get a few hundred bucks worth of free cards from us and Topps. We know you guys, of all people, the MiddleEasy community can provide something great for the rest of us to laugh at or empathize with.

A great moment in Topps/MiddleEasy history.

Upload to Youtube and send your reaction to Once I receive it, your entry will be forwarded to the rest of the staff and harshly judged. Eventually, within a few days, we will pick a winner.

DISCLAIMER: Here's some print that should be small, but the internet is the wild west so **** it.

This contest is for anyone in the entire world to enter. The last few were for the continental United States but this one is so good it has to be worldwide. Once submitted by Monday, December 10th, all the footage you send us is ours, and there is nothing you can do about it. Do not hurt yourself or others and especially any animals in your reaction. Do not damage any property (even if it's yours, even then you shouldn't) and try to refrain from doing anything you would regret later in life.

For further information on the Bloodlines cards - visit the official website of Topps or follow Topps on Twitter @TOPPScards.

Who else rewards you for loving your favorite fighter to a questionable degree? Just Topps and MiddleEasy. UFC on FOX 5 rawr!

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