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Alexander Gustaffson says Shogun Rua is more dangerous than ever

Alexander Gustaffson says Shogun Rua is more dangerous than ever

Sign spinning street corners advertisements are everywhere here in Atlanta and it appears that all it takes to get hired to spin signs on street corners is a couple of misdemeanor possession charges and a glass pipe in your jeans pocket. I'm not sure what kind of patrons a business is hoping to attract by having men and women that look like Pookie from New Jack City out on the street dancing and waving signs at passing cars. Seeing crackheads twirling signs outside your storefront is actually more likely to make me drive further away from your business to a safe location or snap a picture and post it on Instagram with the title 'WTF?' than it is to encourage me to come spend money on your product.

I'd like to see more hot people standing on the corner waving signs at me. I mean really, what if the UFC took that approach and had meth head girls holding up the round signs instead of hot chicks like Brittany and Arianny? How would the UFC sell their product? It's a good thing the UFC had the foresight to know if they didn't have hot ring card sign holding chicks-no one might ever tune in to see really badass fights like the one going down this weekend at UFC on Fox in Seattle between Alexander Gustaffson and Shogun Rua.

The UFC knows not to underestimate the power of a quality sign holding half naked chick and Alexander Gustaffson knows not to underestimate the power of Shogun Rua. I'm guessing he might have watched the ESPN Sport Science episode featuring Shogun's KO power right before doing this interview with ESPN about this weekend's fight.

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