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Fedor says the UFC wants to come to Russia next year

Fedor says the UFC wants to come to Russia next year

This transcribed translation of this Fedor’s interview would probably have been easier to understand if it were left in Russian, even if you don’t speak Russian. To most, a paragraph written in the Russian alphabet would look like a well-placed combination of hieroglyphics, but you assume it makes sense because, well, why would someone write a paragraph that doesn’t make sense? If you actually forced me to answer that question, I couldn’t possibly justify 85% of the articles I’ve written in the past four years with MiddleEasy. That being said, this translation of Fedor’s words from still makes very little sense, but here’s what he had to say with regards to the UFC wanting to hold an event in Russia.

Next year at the UFC have a desire to hold the competition in Russia. Once the UFC was in decline - then roared Pride. Now there are no more Pride, UFC has gained momentum. There was a time when the M-1 just developed and existed only through the efforts of Vadim Finkelstein. Today, this organization is one of the strongest in the world. Of course, the UFC is too early to compete, but the M-1 occupies a prominent position in the rating organizations. I will say that the UFC and M-1 at the moment - two strongest organization in the world.

Presumably, you could copy/paste that paragraph back into google translator and get the same block of text back in Russian.

В следующем году на UFC есть желание провести соревнования в России. После UFC была в упадке - то ревела Pride. Теперь больше нет Pride, UFC набрала обороты. Был момент, когда M-1 только что разработали и существовал только благодаря усилиям Вадима Финкельштейна. Сегодня эта организация является одной из сильнейших в мире. Конечно, UFC еще слишком рано, чтобы конкурировать, но M-1 занимает видное место в рейтинге организации. Я скажу, что UFC и M-1 на данный момент - две сильнейшие организации в мире.

Not only does it look cooler, but according to Google, it makes sense (to someone) too.

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