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DstryrSG December Sale - 25% off all t-shirts, starting NOW

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That's right, grapplers.  Now is the time to strike ... and buy cool D/SG t-shirts.  To further assist you, we took the time to answer a couple of Frequently Asked Questions:

(1) Why, DSTRYR/SG?  Why should I buy one of your t-shirts?

Listen, grappler.  No one has had the heart to tell you, but you really need to step up your wardrobe game (in addition to your grappling game).  People are tired of seeing you wear those crusty Affliction and Toe2Toe (I checked, and, yes, they still exist) shirts with the 2-headed eagles and gold leafing.  It' very 2008 of you.  They're also sick you and your shirts that tell everyone that Helio (or another member of the Gracie clan) Would Roll.  We all know he would. 

Now is your chance to be cool and own a shirt that says "I like grappling, but I also have a bit of a personality."  If you read the fine print, we've already guaranteed these shirts will make you 23% more interesting.  That's a start.  You have to do the rest (so, maybe read a book or something).

(2) OK, DSTRYR/SG.  I know I need a shirt.  But, I'm broke.  How will I afford it?
This is a no-brainer.  If ever there was a reason for that 9.5 year-old-sister of yours, it's now.  She knows your good for it, so borrow away.  If necessary, call your grandmother or another relative and call in an early birthday gift.  Or, maybe tap in to that 401K thing.  Go knows you don't really need to save money these days.  The point is - it's worth it and, if there is any doubt, see (2) above.

Ok, then. I think we've made our point.  So, head over to and make all your DSTRYR/SG t-shirts dreams a reality (for 25% less than usual).

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