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50 Cent believes boxing and MMA can coexist and live happily ever after

50 Cent believes Boxing and MMA can coexist and live happily ever after

Earlier this morning I noticed the speakers attached to my computer were devoid of any sound. Speakers that don't speak. I have the ability to speak, but I can't speak like a speaker. The bass within my voice is nothing compared to these dysfunctional speakers. Now everything is quiet, and nothing in the vicinity is speaking. Alone, in my solitude of silence, I watched this video of MMA Heat's Karyn Bryant talking to 50 Cent about MMA. Without my speakers, I dubbed the entire interview myself and created a storyline for you to consume.

This interview begins with 50 Cent analyzing the inherent flaws of the Drake Equation and exactly why mathematics doesn't have the ability to predict the number of extraterrestrial civilizations in our universe. 50 Cent then breaks down that his song 'In the club' is actually a euphemism for when the Catholic Church used to control the advancements of science by dictating that it would not work under 'God's law.' In this scenario, 'In the club' is the group of people that would not adhere to the antiquated ways of Catholicism and when 50 reiterates 'It's your birthday,' he's actually talking about the birth of science and how it should be celebrated in modern hip-hop.

Damn, I should really get some speakers for my computer. Check out the MMA Heat video below.

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