• Written by MiddleEasy @MiddleEasy

We're happy to report Chris Weidman's shoulder surgery a success, so watch him ramble for a while as he comes out of his anesthesia

I interviewed Bas Rutten and Don Frye a few years ago hours after having my wisdom teeth pulled and while on a heroic amount of painkillers due to having a piece of cottage cheese getting stuck in my bloody holes. I remember nothing outside Bas ordering a cheeseburger and Don Frye talking to me about being in Zombieland, which I'm not sure if he was even in. I can't confirm or deny. Speaking of Zombieland, how quaint will that film be when Twinkies are a thing of the past? Either way, after waking up from the gas, life is pretty weird, you can look at the 'is this real life' kid for proof. Chris Weidman knows this, and one of his close family members or friends understands this too, that's why they had to get Weidman rambling quite loquaciously on an incorrectly held phone camera after his successful shoulder surgery, which has delayed his fight with Tim Boetsch indefinitely.

If you listen really closely, I think he's saying 'Anderson, why are you ducking me?'


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