• Written by MiddleEasy @MiddleEasy

Here's Junie Browning's first fight since his Phuket brawl and going sober

See, I thought Junie was still in Thailand being hunted by the Thai mafia and was still an alcoholic. That's how far behind I am on the Junie Browning saga. Turns out the hellraiser from Kentucky is back in Lexington and according to his Facebook, he's finally enjoying 'being alive.' Props to you Junie, life is grand, and I just punched my leg thinking a piece of string from my shirt was a spider, until I realized it was a string, and we all know cloth is immortal. That piece of thread I thought was a spider could be a euphemism for life, Junie: it's easily discarded and meaningless without purpose. According to his social media updates, Junie is six weeks sober, but judging by his latest fight at 178 pounds from last weekend, something is still missing in the Browning tapestry. At least he's not in Thailand anymore...


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