• Written by Bauzen

This dude is putting the entire UFC heavyweight division on notice from the comfort of his webcam

The only thing we know about this guy is that he’s a New York Giants fan and that he’s probably going to be the UFC heavyweight champion in 2014.  At least that’s what we gathered from the title of his video on YouTube.  Remember that time your favorite teacher told you that you could achieve anything if you put your mind to it?  This guy had a similar experience, except he understood it as sniffing as much glue as possible and cutting a video immediately thereafter.  We don’t know if he’s trolling, only that he exists, and we have to share his message to Dana White and the UFC heavyweight division to the world.  Please enjoy this video responsibly, and if you see him at the Meadowlands at some point this season, please be careful not to get too close for your own safety.


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