• Written by Bauzen

Blast To The Past: Cung Le fights in the 1994 San Shou Nationals

In 1994, Bill Clinton was president, OJ Simpson was on trial for murder, and Kurt Cobain 'shot himself.'  If any of you remember any of these things, you’ve still probably never seen this footage of Cung Le competing in San Shou.  Just one year after the UFC held their original event where Royce Gracie defeated three fighters in a single evening, Cung Le was winning martial arts tournaments while wearing head gear and boxing gloves.  You can spend the rest of the day wondering how he would have done in the early days of MMA.  We’ll probably even join you in your existential adventure.  My guess is that with six months of sprawl training, Cung Le could have potentially defeated Royce Gracie.  In that same universe, Fedor submitted Kimo and Joe Son, challenging Cung Le in the finals.  We have no idea who would have won that fight, only that Fedor remains undefeated in every other alternate universe.


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