• Written by MiddleEasy @MiddleEasy

Jose Aldo answers every pertinent question about his career in this interview and he does it without jumping into a crowd

Jose Aldo should conclude almost every act with jumping into a crowd and celebrating. When Jose completes a training session his partners should hoist him upon their shoulders and he should smile brightly while shaking his arms in the air victoriously. After a particularly delicious breakfast, Jose could run out of his house and into the nearest crowd, happy and fulfilled. They will pat him on the back and shout 'delicioso café da manhã!' and it will be glorious. No matter where Jose goes, praise, affirmation of his skills and wandering hands all over his body will be the center of attention. His walkout song should be Celebration, and Jose Aldo would jump into a crowd just for deciding his next walkout song is Celebration. Eventually, Jose Aldo will jump into a crowd to celebrate jumping into a crowd, and his fighting career will suffer because all he does all day is celebrate in crowds. It will consume his life, this crowd celebration ouroboros.

Props to Karyn Bryant for learning Portuguese and bringing her interviewing skills to the next level. Now watch this interview and learn information about his motor accident that put him on the shelf, moving to lightweight and his thoughts on Frankie Edgar getting a title shot faster than Kenny Florian in a new weight class. At the end of the video, find a crowd and celebrate.


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