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If you want to see Nick Diaz throw knives against a wall, today is your lucky day

If you want to see Nick Diaz throwing knives against a wall, today is your lucky day

Oh, there's another Nick Diaz article on MiddleEasy. Now let's see who the first schmuck will be to complain about it in the comment section. Here's a heads up random person that complains about stuff on MiddleEasy: we really don't care. The only people that exist on MiddleEasy are our fans. Sure you can express your belief, but in the end, it means nothing. You're not making a significant impact on the world. No third-world children will be fed from your actions nor will people be enlightened by your opinion. You're just spreading hate. No one cares about you, regardless of the amount of times you hop from message board to comment section and type your idiotic opinions. Contrary to popular belief, you are a unique snowflake. Unfortunately for those people that have the same IQ as a warm jar of mayonnaise, you are a snowflake that was created from the water droplets that collect around elephant dung.

Damn, this article got off to an angry start. Quick, someone give me a Disney film to watch.

Sure, I may be pissed off at the majority of people that claim we're so haven for Nick Diaz -- but if other fighters start getting interesting and throwing knives against a wall, then maybe they'll be on the front page of MiddleEasy. Check out this video of Nick Diaz using his woodland abilities to accurately throw knives against a target inside of his house. Props to Ted M. for the find.

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