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Heads up fighters, never use Jeet Kune Do in an MMA fight or this may happen to you...

Heads up fighters, never use Jeet Kune Do in an MMA fight or this may happen to you...

Everyone has imitated Bruce Lee in the confine of their living room and accidentally smacked a friend in the nose while spinning imaginary nunchucks. In the MMA industry, we just call that 'any given Friday night at Ben Fowlkes' house.' Bruce Lee is the reason you get out of bed every morning. He's the only reassurance the fashion industry has to justify anyone wearing a peasant shirt with amber sunglasses.

I'm sure you've developed your own hypothesis as to who would prevail in a theoretical match-up between Bruce Lee vs. [insert fighter name here]. Jeet Kune Do is a martial art and philosophy system created by the late Bruce Lee that essentially combined the greatest aspects of all martial arts. Unfortunately when applied to mixed martial arts -- it just doesn't work. At least not in this case.

Check out this MMA bout that went down at Yonkers Elite Cage Fighting this past weekend when a Jeet Kune Do fighter gets slammed into the 5th dimension by MMA fighter Greg Styles.


+1 # AlexCairns 2013-08-04 12:40
What's to say that the JKD fighter didnt just suck at JKD at the MMA fighter was good at what he does?
+1 # RubberDucky 2013-08-13 07:58
One guy who practises JKD loses one match from MMA fighter.

Writer says: HUURRR DUUURRR JKD does not work.
0 # jkd 2013-09-06 16:15
He had not foot work. Look at how he kept both feet flat the first 5 sec in...
0 # jkd 2013-09-06 16:15
and he was really slow, its not jkd's fault
+1 # TomPioneer 2013-09-20 17:32
Are you serious?

MMA is Jeet June Do, Bruce Lee is the founder of MMA. That's what Jeet Kune Do is, mixed martial arts. So your theory makes no sense. Also, Bruce Lee taught very few people JKD before he past. This guy may have learned himself from YouTube for anyone knows or from a guy that learned from YouTube lol. The fact is JKD should not be classed as a style, that's what Bruce lee didn't want to happen, it's the way of no style, using what is needed to win in the situation.

Besides if you want to look at someone in MMA that is a JKD practitioner the UFC light heavy weight champion would be a good start, Jon Jones.
+1 # adam 2013-11-19 16:03
jeet kune do is one of the most dangerous martial ats in the word but the problem are the mma rules a lot of punches kicks & jabs ae illegal in mma
0 # really? 2013-12-02 01:55 if bruce lee was alive and you put him in the cage, your saying he would lose? funny shit. dont degrade an art when you dont see the full perspective dumbfuck host uploader.
0 # D.O. 2013-12-15 23:31
So, one fighter using JKD in an MMA match and losing means that JKD doesn't work at all.....?

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Use more examples to back up what you're saying. Until then...
0 # a no one 2014-08-02 10:02
Keep flipp-ing out over a thing egostistically you are los-ing your mouth piece :zzz
0 # Strange 2014-08-14 14:27
To see a "JKD" guy start out in general Stance, instead of south paw. Perhaps he's a natural south paw.
0 # Rene Ambriz 2014-10-08 15:05
Omg that guy was not a jkd fighter hes just one of those dum asses who watch ufc n thinks he can fight
0 # Matthew Turner 2014-10-17 03:32
A true jeet June do fighter would be at his physical peak The man fighter was much a better fighter and in better shape. Doesn't mean man is superior it means that guy doesn't train at his peak.
0 # Bruce lee 2014-11-18 09:07
The guy who won......what a "TOOL". He probably spends all day looking in the mirror at himself and practising his autograph!
0 # Glack 2014-12-10 22:18
Jeet Kune Do is for use in a REAL fight.Not Rigged tournaments . UFC states it's "the ultimate no hold barred tournament" Yet they handicap Traditional martial artists. Because dana white obviously has a thing for men in short pants grappling each other.
0 # Gene Lebell Student 2014-12-11 09:41
Jeet Kune Do Sucks.KungFu,Ta ekwondo.Must Be Elite In Streets.Bruce Lee Will Get Manhandled By Gene Lebell.How Many UfC Champion Represent JKD.Realistic How Many JKD Students.Muay Thai Rulz.And NCAA Wrestling.I Will Never Enter The Cage With JKD.Bruce Lee Was A Good Actor.

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