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The Sunday Morning Rumor Mill

The Sunday Morning Rumor Mill

A Sunday Morning Rumor Mill in the wake of a successful GSP title defense. It's a great day for all Canadians out there and an even greater day for people that love Sundays. If you're obsessed with Sunday and are also a Canadian -- today is like Christmas for you. If GSP fought on Christmas Day and it happened to be a Sunday and you're Canadian -- your head would explode.

Check out this week's edition of The Sunday Morning Rumor Mill, a collection of rumors we've collected over the week that are relevant to the MMA world (but may not be true at the same time, we don't know -- they're rumors, dork).

  • Since it seems that Cris Cyborg will be unable to welcome Ronda Rousey in her Octagon debut, the fight UFC has been looking at is Marloes Coenen vs. Ronda Rousey. Although, with Coenen signed to Invicta FC, this may pose a problem.
  • With Cole Konrad and Brock Lesnar out, Team Deathclutch still has plans to restart the gym at some point in 2013.
  • AXS TV plans to do some restructuring in 2013 which includes some 'letting go' and 'inner-company promotion' of some known names in the MMA industry.
  • Although Anderson Silva was in Montreal to watch Georges St. Pierre take on Carlos Condit, he (along with Lyoto Machida) was in Canada to shoot an action film in Toronto. Production starts on Monday (November 19th 2012)
  • During UFC 154, a member of the media was either severely reprimanded or blacklisted from attending events. That person's media outlet was not affected in anyway.
  • Preliminary talks, but don't be surprised if Johny Hendricks vs. Nick Diaz is announced as a future title contender bout.

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