• Written by MiddleEasy @MiddleEasy

Dude gets a Ronda Rousey tattoo and wants the entire world to see it

This past April we told you about a guy that got a friggin' tattoo of Nick Diaz on his chest and was so proud of it that he sent us a video. Now we have yet another baffling fighter tattoo, this time it's extended sister of the 209, Ronda Rousey. We're not sure what the thrill is of getting another human face on your body, but perhaps someone in the comment section can break down the psychological process for us.

I have a side-request for MiddleEasy readers out there -- can anyone identify the shoes this guy is wearing? I'm not sure if I'm more intrigued by Ronda's face on this guy's lower-leg or the fact that someone out there manufactures shoes with bathroom stick figures on them.

If you ever wanted a tattoo of Ronda Rousey's face on your body, this is how it will probably look. Enjoy.

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