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Chael Sonnen has a hamburger named after him, and it looks delicious

Chael Sonnen has a hamburger named after him, and it looks delicious

When Dan Henderson discusses Singaporean Chili Crab in this video, he’s downplaying how good it really is. If you’re vegan, you can disregard that sentence entirely. I’m sure the chili tofu is equally as fulfilling. Also, when Dan brings up how clean and polite Singapore is, he’s understating that they enforce their laws against littering with the strictest of penalties. If the zombie apocalypse started this week, Singapore would be home to the friendliest zombies in the world. They’d try their hardest to refrain from eating your brain, but if they were forced to eat you, they’d clean up after themselves. It’s amazing how different the world is just 14 hours away by plane.

Meanwhile, the streets of West Linn, Oregon run red with the blood of fallen gangsters. When they’re not waging urban warfare, they’re coming up with amazing recipes for hamburgers to rival even the finest that Singapore has to offer. If you’ve spent your entire life wondering how Chael Sonnen likes his cheeseburger, today is your lucky day. No disclaimers here… Try this at home.

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