• Written by MiddleEasy @MiddleEasy

Here's a Dana White parody to commemorate last night's groundbreaking votes in Colorado and Washington

One of my simple joys in life is checking out the videos Nick Diaz favorites on Youtube. Nick Diaz's YouTube favorites are so curiously interesting that we even made a Top Ten List of them awhile back. Yesterday, Nick favorited a video titled, "Yum!!! Corn Chowder Recipe" and this very short Dana White parody video which can only lead me to assume he might have been preparing to deal with a case of the munchies after celebrating the groundbreaking marijuana legalization laws passed in the states of Colorado and Washington last night. As random as marijuana legalization, a Dana White parody video and a corn chowder recipe might first sound-once you watch this quick silly little clip you will understand the correlation. Enjoy and happy post election day! [Source]

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