• Written by Bauzen

Anderson Silva says he won’t fight Chris Weidman because he’s just a 'kid'

This article was supposed to be written about an alleged post UFC 153 BBQ that occurred following Anderson and Big Nog’s brilliant performances against their respective opponents. Unfortunately, nobody could get the video working and so, instead, we’re just going to repurpose this story to tell you about Chris Weidman and his sneaking suspicion that Anderson Silva is ducking him. Perhaps the Long Island, NY native wasn’t invited to that BBQ and he’s upset, or he’s truly under the impression that the UFC’s longest reigning champion has something to fear. We don’t really know what goes through Anderson Silva’s mind outside of junk food and hosting backyard shin-digs in Brazil. What we do know is what Anderson Silva said in response to Chris Weidman’s accusation of dodging the challenge to fight, and it has to do with him not being a fool, the challenger being a kid, and something about oldies. Maybe you guys can figure this out…


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