• Written by MiddleEasy @MiddleEasy

A motivating Penn pumps up the University of Hawaii football team

Why BJ Penn doesn't go to the ol' stand-by motivational tale of Rudy at Notre Dame we'll never know. In fact, let's reflect on Sean Astin for a moment. That dude makes everyone cry overcoming the odds as Rudy, finds One-eyed Willy's treasure in Goonies and brought the one ring to Mount Doom. Liam Neeson Vs. Sean Astin should be the next coaches on TUF. That fight makes more sense than Bones Vs. Chael. But yeah, back to a motiviating BJ Penn in the locker room of the University of Hawaii football team.

BJ Penn is one of my favorite fighters for a reason, but part of me wishes he would've stepped in front of the kneeling young men, licked some blood off his hands and then told them that if they want to know how to get motivated, to visit I may be asking for too much though, at least we have this video until the internet dies.


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