• Written by Zeus and LayzieTheSavage

Watch Cesar Gracie leave a Ronda Rousey interview when it gets a little too 'creepy'

Ronda Rousey training out of Santa Monica, California is synonymous to MiddleEasy being based out of Hollywood, California. We've both adapted to our territories. Whereas Rousey can obviously pass for some well-toned surfer girl, we at MiddleEasy can easily be confused with that weird street preacher dude on Hollywood blvd. and Vermont who believes the world ended long ago and we're all just well-preserved pieces of bio-mechanical matter aboard some spaceship floating somewhere outside of the Alpha Centauri binary star system that constantly reenacts this 'program' we call life. It's a mix of Friedrich Nietzsche's idea of 'eternal re-occurrence' mixed with a little medical diagnosis called 'crazy.'

I'm never shaking Ronda Rousey's hand. I never want to put my arms at a risk from evacuating from my torso. My arms are valuable to me. Without them, I would no longer be able to wave at passing cars if I were ever stuck on the side of the road. My urban survival skill level will automatically drop to zero if Ronda Rousey steals my arms. Apparently this guy from rolled with Ronda Rousey and wanted to express his life changing experience -- but Cesar Gracie wasn't having it, any of it. Check it out below.

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