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In this clip, Jon Jones said he would take a fight with Chael Sonnen just six days before turning it down

Damn, all of this Jon Jones news is getting in the way of my Diablo 3 playing. This nonsense could have been avoided with a flux capacitor equipped DeLorean. Now little school children across the country will never know how to count past 150. There's a reason why we haven't seen Jones tweet in the past twenty-four hours. It's tough when an entire community is spewing out their disappointment at one's decision to not take a fight. Life is rough for Bones. Even rougher when there's an audio clip of you saying that you would take a fight with Chael Sonnen in a 'heartbeat' just six days before not taking a fight with Chael Sonnen.

Check out this audio clip from last week's Abe Kanan show on Sirius XM, and be sure to follow those guys on Twitter. It's the only show on radio besides Howard Stern and Scott Ferrel worth listening to. Sorry Opie and Anthony, go have another fighter punch/kick/submit you on air. Continue to be as uncreative as possible.


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