• Written by Jason Nawara and LayzieTheSavage

We talked to Cesar Gracie about calling out Anderson Silva and here's what he had to say

When Cesar Gracie drops a Nick Diaz update, it crashes to earth like a meteor with a grudge. Twenty four hours ago we didn't even know Nick Diaz wanted to fight Anderson Silva, now the internet has sent out mass emails and everyone is coordinating colors and dividing like-minded fans into these vicious camps:

  • Nick Diaz can't beat Carlos Condit - so he fights Anderson?
  • Anderson Silva is ducking Chris Weidman.
  • Anderson Silva won't go up to 205, but he will fight a welterweight.
  • Anderson Silva Vs. Nick Diaz is the greatest thing I've heard since the announcement of Assassins Creed 3's co-op multiplayer.
  • The sport needs Nick Diaz Vs. Anderson Silva.
  • Nick Diaz with the munchies at a BBQ hosted by Anderson Silva seems like a pleasant gathering.

We needed Cesar Gracie to extrapolate on his post or we were going to go crazy, so LayzieTheSavage and I came up with some questions and put a call in to the manager of Nick Diaz. Key quotes and thoughts from the interview include: "it's not about the title", "no one cares about GSP/Condit", "Anderson Silva thought Nick beat Condit" and much, much more. This is a must-listen interview.

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