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GRAPHIC: Some dude nearly bit Kimo Leopoldo's neck off

When it was reported that Kimo Leopaldo died back in 2009, we said that Royce Gracie got his first night of sleep since 1994. TMZ spread the news, every MMA site gave him a little digital memorial (it's the best we could do) and then -- Kimo was not dead. Kimo became un-dead in the course of a few hours. Beat that Jesus.

It turned out the dude was just taking a nap. The next day Kimo held a press conference to present the MMA world with overwhelming evidence that he in fact was still alive and that he still had that gnarly tattoo on his back. Kimo told reporters that he would prosecute whoever spread the rumors. That person was the infamous UGer known as OMA. Kimo never prosecuted and he experienced a sudden resurgence in his career. He even starred in a movie about a guy who comes back from the dead to kill people. We attended the movie premiere in Hollywood and Kimo Leopaldo was a no-show. I'm sure there's a joke somewhere in there about him being late to his own funeral, but I just can't find a way to throw it in there.

Now it looks like Kimo was involved in a physical altercation and it resulted in some dude taking a bite out of his neck. I'll let all of you make the bath salts joke in the comment section, but according to Kimo, the other guy looks much worse. Here's the picture Kimo posted earlier this morning. Warning, it's really graphic.

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