• Written by MiddleEasy @MiddleEasy

Watch Joe Lauzon lose a hamburger eating contest to FPS Russia in Chicago

If you’ve ever watched a movie and seen a gun you thought was the coolest weapon you’ve ever seen, chances are, FPS Russia owns it and has a video on YouTube with over twenty million hits demonstrating why it’s awesome. The guy makes a living blowing things up in his backyard, and every time you click on one of his videos, it signs his next paycheck to buy something bigger. If the zombie apocalypse went down tomorrow, the safest place in the galaxy would be in his living room playing XBox until a motion sensor tells you it’s time to press pause. Joe Lauzon spends a lot of time playing video games too, and while he might rip a zombie’s limbs off and render them useless - he doesn’t have a stockpile of automatic weapons and can’t consume cheeseburgers as fast as everyone’s favorite YouTube gun snob. It’s cool though, we still love Joe Lauzon, even though he’s probably hugging a toilet somewhere in Chicago right now.

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