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You only wish your girlfriend had your back like Gilbert Melendez's fiancé in this clip...

There's nothing I could say about last night's Strikeforce title fight of Gilbert Melendez vs. Josh Thomson that hasn't already been said by UGer, Neil McCauley, in this thread on The Underground. In just one swift post, the guy encapsulated my entire belief system regarding the outcome of Melendez's sixth consecutive title defense. This Neil McCauley then went on to make an even more accurate statement within the message board thread, securing my complete admiration for his way of thought. I'm sure he's probably a giant dork normally, but last night he was a friggin' superstar.

The truth is, no one in the UFC can run through Josh Thomson, and people that expected Gilbert to completely demolish a guy that's only been finished once in his career is just an unrealistic notion. As far as the entire 'Kawajiri thing' people have brought up -- last year I sat next to Thomson on my way from Singapore to Tokyo and we discussed his Dynamite!! 2010 bout with Kawajiri. He essentially told me he was lured into the fight on very short notice due to the enormous amount of money DREAM offered (and actually paid) him. I'm sure if that bout went down again, the result may be different -- but that goes with everything in MMA.

The point of all of this is that it's completely disrespectful to boo anyone that put on an incredible performance for your price of admission. It also goes without saying that if your fiancé is muay-thai fighter Kerri Ann Taylor, all the moronic fans will be taken care of as illustrated in this following video.

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